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Welburn Village Hall Trustees

Chair - Yvonne Myers 01653 618610

Secretary - Sylvia Haines 01653 619764

Treasurer - Liz Laming 01845 525823

Bookings - Helen Long 01653 618001

Member - Marjorie Murray 01653 618465



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Treasurer's report 

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Bookings report


 Village Hall Community Survey 2019 

The Welburn Village Hall Committee carried out a survey of views in summer 2019 to find out how members of the local community feel about this important village asset.  Many thanks to the large number of people who responded.  The results have now been analysed and the village hall committee is considering what actions to take in the light of these results.

The issue receiving the most attention was the availability of car parking.  The committee is looking into the feasibility of increasing the number of parking spaces.  More information to follow in due course. 

Another issue commonly mentioned was the darkness of the road leading down from the village hall to the Main Street at night. If you feel that more lighting is needed in this area please contact the Parish Council as this comes under their jurisdiction. 

Some respondents were interested in attending exercise classes in the evening.  In response to these requests, a new early evening yoga class started in January 2020 but has now closed due to COVID 19 pandemic.  The possibility of re-opening an evening class is under consideration.

Other issues raised in the survey are also being considered. 


 Anyone for (table) tennis?

We are looking into the possibility of having a table tennis club at the village hall and want to see how much interest there might be. Rob Stansfield has kindly agreed to be a co-ordinator. If you are interested, please contact Rob at St Anne's Cottage, 618564